Day of Reconciliation 

The 16th of December is a public holiday for South Africans every year. Why? Well, since 1995 this day has been known as the Day of Reconciliation. Consequently, a date was selected by former South African President, Nelson Mandela. It was carefully chosen to have significance to both the Afrikaners and the African people. This day is rich in culture and is a testament to how far we as a rainbow nation have come. Let’s find out all about the importance of this day, and all the ways we can celebrate such a day. 

Why December 16th? 

Nelson Mandela was tasked with naming a date in which we would celebrate breaking the shackles of the apartheid rule. The former president felt that the 16th of December would be perfect. Why? Well, it spoke to both parties, to show that moving forward, inclusion was the name of the game. So, what made this date significant to everyone? In 1838, on the 16th of December Afrikaners celebrated the Voortrekker victory at the Battle of Blood River. For Africans the date was significant as the 16 December 1910 saw them host a peaceful protest, against racial injustice. Additionally, Umkhonto we Sizwe (Spear of the Nation) was established by the ANC in 1961 to fight the SA government. Making this a noteworthy day for Africans.

The holiday came about to create awareness after apartheid ended to commemorate reconciliation and the birth of our rainbow nation. 

How to Celebrate the Day of Reconciliation 

Considering the Day of Reconciliation is a big deal, it must be celebrated in true South African style.  

One thing we as South Africans have always had in common, is that, we know how to party! This is where our Rocka collection of Party Speakers comes in! Thus, one of the best ways to get your celebration on is to crank that speaker up and pump those tunes.

A great way to commemorate would be to indulge in the outdoors or the heritage sites of our beautiful country. Undoubtedly, this day was made to celebrate unity and equal opportunity within our amazing country. 

Another exciting idea to celebrate would be to enjoy one of our botanical gardens. Subsequently, you could enjoy a hike or a picnic while relishing in the triumph of what this day represents. 

Wrap-up of Reconciliation Day 

We celebrate the Day of Reconciliation as it is a direct symbol of the healing of our country. By acknowledging this day yearly, we hope to bring about a feeling of elation. We can rejoice knowing how far we have come and work on how far we still have to go. Working toward making this country a true rainbow nation.