Celebrate Women's Month

Women's Month

Women’s month has become quite a big deal and rightfully so. So, it is important that we celebrate to acknowledge how far we have come. Further, to get excited about the changes and revelations that are to come.

Get Your Compliment On

A great way to celebrate women’s month is to hand out compliments. Seems lame right? But really, complimenting someone is empowering. Let’s face it, it makes you and the person receiving the compliment feel great. You may ask, how is handing out compliments empowering? Well, whether we are male or female, it is quick to pass judgment on someone and put them down. However, when it comes to compliments, we are lifting people and helping them to recognize their worth. It’s kind of like, “Thanksgiving” but instead of giving thanks, give compliments.

Like a Mirror, Let’s Reflect

We could celebrate by reflecting on how far we have all come. Consider, the trials and tribulations that we used to face that we no longer deal with. Maybe share stories on how you as a woman have done your small part in making a way for future generations. For instance, share about a time when
you stood up for what you believe in, etc. If you are not a woman, you can maybe share about a strong woman that has encouraged or inspired you, whether it be a family member, a friend, or even a colleague.

The Spirit of Women’s Month

If you really wanted to get into the spirit of things, you could always do a quiz night featuring trivia that is completely women’s day themed. You could get together where everyone must wear the Women’s Day colour for the year. For example, the colour for 2022 is purple. So whether you wear a
purple shirt or purple socks, purple is the name of the game for Women’s Day

What Have We Learned?

It is so important that we celebrate these moments. Whether it be by having a party, enjoying time with loved ones, or taking time out for ourselves. Whichever way you choose to commemorate times like these, jump on the bandwagon because life is short not to celebrate every win.