About Us

About Us

That defining moment in your life when you first felt the power of a beat, the story behind a melody, the echo of a chord. That moment when music chose you. That moment you discovered Rocka...

Rocka believes in the power of music. It is determined to bring the joy of a good beat to as many people as possible.

Starting as a range of celebrity-endorsed headphones and earphones. Rocka aligned itself with some amazing local talent along the lines of, AKA, Danny K, DJ Zinhle, Euphonik, Khuli Chana, and Mi Casa. All of these artists are super influential, making it the natural choice to use them to endorse our Rocka brand. What better way to express a proudly South African brand than to have local favourites align themselves with it?

Since its beginnings as a headphone and earphone supplier Rocka has moved from strength to strength. The brand now offers a complete multimedia experience. This includes Bluetooth speakersaction cameras, VR headsets, cellular accessories, and apparel.

In short, Rocka can be described as a proudly South African brand. This brand is built on the marriage of innovation, fashion, and design. We do this to produce products that are user-friendly, fresh, and easy on the eyes. The aim of the brand has grown from the concept of providing celebrity-endorsed audio to a more holistic multimedia experience.

In addition to our audio range, we provide mobile accessories from cables to chargers. Power banks, both wired and wireless have now been included in the range. Wearables, along the lines of fitness watches. Speakers both big and small have made their debut within our Rocka line. The list just keeps going. The brand will continue to expand, excite, and surprise its clients with the drive and will to keep things crisp and new. We have, and will continue to bring you the innovative product, premium quality, and affordability that you can trust!

Rocka- South African Electronics for the People!